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Stratos viewer / News: Recent posts

Scripts for integration on a web environment

The necessary scripts (stratosViewerWeb.tar.gz) to integrate the web viewer in a web server have just been released today. There is also a set (stratosViewerDemo.tar.gz) of dummy images and XML files for demo purposes.

Posted by José Antonio 2007-11-22

Multiframe image viewer

Some DICOM objects are multiframe object that can be treated as videos. A prototype has been made to evaluate the possibility to access via web to these multiframe objects.

You can have a look at a prototype (in a very early stage):


Posted by José Antonio 2007-11-14

More coming soon

As you may have already seen, the source code of the flash viewer has been released. In order to setup the viewer on a website, some additional components are required.

In the next days the following will be released:
* PHP scripts to integrate the viewer on a website
* Compilation instructions for the flash viewer
* Installation and setup documentation

Posted by José Antonio 2007-11-13

Stratos viewer: First demo version now online

Stratos viewer is a web based utility to examine DICOM medical images through a web browser

Now, you can have a look at an almost fully functional version of the image viewer:


Posted by José Antonio 2007-11-09