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Stratdate Package Manager / News: Recent posts


There is now a special tool written in python to help you configure stratdate. With version 12112005, you will need stratdate-conf to configure stratdate. This is because of the some the syntax changes in the option file. Also, this should cut down on the volume of emails I have received where the problem involved the incorrect setup of the configuration file. Enjoy! :-)

Posted by Straterra 2006-04-30


Well, the school year is drawing to a close and I find myself with more and more time to maintain my projects. This includes stratdate. Expect more versions here shortly. Hopefully, I will finish the rewrite very quickly. Thank you all for your continued support :)

Posted by Straterra 2006-04-30


I am currently putting off Stratdate for a number of reasons. Other projects I maintain require my attention (Stratux) and school is taking up most of my free time. I will at some point in the near future resume development. If anyone has a good knowledge of Slackware and would like to help me, please email me at straterra@gmail.com. If not, I will pick up development as soon as I am not so busy. Thank you for your patience and support. :D

Posted by Straterra 2005-08-30

Beta 2.1 is out!

I have finally finished Beta 2.1. This fixes some rsync bugs and corrects the permissions for upgrading.

Posted by Straterra 2005-04-07

Sourceforge Site Added

The project is now hosted on Sourceforge!

Posted by Straterra 2005-03-12