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StoryTestIQ 2.1 Released

The 2.1 release of the StoryTestIQ acceptance test framework includes the following:

- Navigation tree improvements
- Selenium RC 1.0 beta 2 with *iehta mode
- Commandline execution improvements
- executeSql connection pooling
- UI improvements
- Bug fixes

- Tree refreshes to reflect changes when pages are created, deleted, renamed, moved
- Tree node selection is better synchronized with test selection in suite pane
- Tree remembers last selected node
- Tree is more performant -- loads contents on demand
- Upgraded to Selenium RC version 1.0 beta 2 which permits execution of tests in *iehta mode (yay!)
- Improved and simplified commandline execution of test suites via ant and Selenium RC
- Simplified Properties page: removed virtual wiki and import, removed last modified, removed security properties, removed symbolic links
- AncestorNameShowLevelInTagsuiteLinks property controls parent level in tagsuite
- SqlResponder uses connection pooling (8 connections) rather than new connection for each executeSql command
- Fix decoding problem with SqlResponder -- failed when SQL statement contained %
- X-ray uses id= and name= when appropriate
- Renamed ExecuteProcess to ExecProcess and ExecuteSqlCommand to ExecSqlCommand to avoid IE security issues
- Application project-settings factored out of project-extensions.js into a separate file
- Removed buggy breakpoint image
- Removed old STIQ selenium code from version 1
- No longer backward compatible to Java 1.4 -- now requires 5+ because of GenericObjectPool in SqlPoolHelper
- Replaced jdbc-csv Mock driver with H2 database for better SqlCommand testing
- Various and sundry minor bug fixes
- New versioning scheme (no more "RC")

Posted by Paul Dupuy, Jr. 2009-02-27

StoryTestIQ 2.0 RC4 Released 2/9/2008

The fourth release candidate of StoryTestIQ 2 acceptance test framework includes the following:

- Sandbox
- DOM Detail
- UI Map locator
- Page creation improvements
- Navigation improvements
- UI improvements and customization support
- Bug fixes

- Sandbox reintegrated
- Sandbox uses select widget for commands (command-list.js)
- Sandbox has contextual help (STIQ Wiki)
- DOM Detail tool reintegrated
- Added UI Map
- New Page creation returns Parent page as response
- Navigation tree items that can't load in Suite frame (tests, components) no longer look like "links"
- Tag Suite sorts alphabetically
- Suite's testcase cache is removed when Properties, Refactor, NewPage, and Refresh buttons are clicked
- Create new page now includes all "page types" (added Tag Suite and Component Suite)
- Parent page name inclusion in Suite links for recursive !suite and !components is configurable (ShowParentInRecursiveSuiteLinks property)
- Parent page name inclusion in Suite links for !tagsuite is configurable (ShowParentInTagsuiteLinks property)
- Parent page separator for Suite links is configurable (ParentChildLinkSeparator property)
- Textarea size in edit form is configurable (EditorTextareaRows property)
- New Tag Suite page default start page is configurable (TagsuiteStartPageDefault property)
- New Tag Suite page default tag is configurable (TagsuiteTagDefault property)
- New Component icon
- Added STIQ HTA application icon
- All Control Panel stuff is in collapsible sections
- Split ant script into build and runner and only deliver runner with binaries
- FitnessRunner (execute-suite-stiq) outputs well-formed XML

Posted by David A. Koontz 2008-02-11

StoryTestIQ 2.0 RC3 released

Release Name: 2.0 RC3

The third release candidate of StoryTestIQ 2 acceptance test framework includes the following:

- Continuous Integration using Selenium RC
- Minor user experience improvements

- Export a suite as HTML for use in Selenium RC
- New targets in Ant script for continuous integration via Selenium RC, etc.
- SQL Commands work in Selenium RC
- Create New Page automatically saves default content
- Restored "assertJavascriptValue" command
- Modified shortcuts in windows installer package

Posted by David A. Koontz 2007-11-15

StoryTestIQ 2.0 RC2 released

The second release candidate of StoryTestIQ 2 acceptance test framework includes the following:

- SQL Commands (arbitrary SQL execution)
- User interface improvements
- Maven plugin restored
- New JDBC CSV Mock database project
- Distribution packaging improvements

- SQL Commands ported from 1.8
- Only !contentstree suite and container node types load in suite frame
- !embed and !include widgets render without label
- stiq-extensions.js moved into repository for use by Selenium IDE
- Maven plugin release parallels application release
- New JDBC CSV Mock database project created (from csvjdbc library) and used for testing SQL Commands
- Improved distribution packaging automation
- Added Ant build scripts to storytestiq and installer projects
- Simplified FitnessRunner interface (used in Continuous Integration)

Posted by Paul Dupuy, Jr. 2007-10-20

StoryTestIQ 2.0 RC1 released

StoryTestIQ 2.0 RC1

StoryTestIQ (STIQ) is a tool for creating "Executable Requirements" (aka acceptance tests or functional tests) allowing easy collaboration between cross-functional team members. A "mash-up" of FitNesse & Selenium with a bit of magic to create STIQ! This combination allowed STIQ to capture the web browser based testing facilities and elegant command language of Selenium along with the wiki based editing and pluggable Fit fixture loading of FitNesse. We believe that this increases the productivity of working with STIQ and also enhances the capabilities of Selenium to test beyond the user interface.... read more

Posted by David A. Koontz 2007-08-28

StoryTestIQ v 2.0 Announced at 'Agile 2007' conference

StoryTestIQ version 2.0 was announced at the Agile 2007 conference in Washington DC, Aug 22, 2007.

The next version of StoryTestIQ (STIQ for short; pronounced 'stick') will include these features:

- Latest version of Selenium (0.8.2) that supports testing AJAX web applications
- Latest version of Selenium IDE (0.8.7) for dynamic recording of STIQ tests
- User interface improvements (Resizeable frames)
- Comprehensive documentation
- Firefox and IE support
- Integration test support (SQL commands)

Posted by David A. Koontz 2007-08-20