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Linux smprod committed to CVS

It seems that I erred when adding the address book functionality. This has been corrected. Also, the product management database has been committed. Both are under 0.60-lnx. Next up, item management.

Posted by Michael J. Sabal 2005-05-31

Linux smaddrbk added to CVS

The customer / vendor address book functionality has been committed to CVS for 0.60-lnx. An additional field will be added to the customer record (field #14) to support a link to an organization.

Posted by Michael J. Sabal 2005-03-05

First on the list

Once, or even before, the version 0.50 files are imported, the first thing to do is decide on table layouts. The first tables to work out will be these: customer, vendor, ship to, ship via warehouse, product, service, product & service package.

Since this is a Point-of-Sale project, customers are generally end users, but care must taken to allow for business to business sales.

Posted by Michael J. Sabal 2004-10-21