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Simple Stop-motion Time-lapse Toolkit / Blog: Recent posts

New version released is the latest version. This adds a video bandwidth setting so that you can adjust video quality when creating movies. Full details on the project homepage at

Posted by Chipwich 2012-06-11

New Release of the stop-motion time-lapse toolkit! is the latest version. This adds screen-capture to the download methods, so you can make a time-lapse video of anything that you watch on your computer. Even webcams monitored with Flash applets will work as image sources for time-lapse video creation with this program. Full details on the project homepage at .

Posted by Chipwich 2012-05-12

Simple Stop-motion Time-lapse Toolkit Initial Release!!!

Version 20120427 is the initial release of the Simple Stop-motion Time-lapse Toolkit.

This is a simple but powerful Linux bash script to create stop motion and time-lapse videos from an Internet URL or an attached video device (see examples). Simply point it at an image source, set the capture frequency, and starting recording stillframes. You can view your stillframes as a video, or convert to a true video format at any point. Bad frames can be browsed/removed with the operating system file browser. ... read more

Posted by Chipwich 2012-05-08