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StockManiac 0.16.1 released

this is a maintenance release over 0.16.0. See details on the project page at


Posted by 2010-10-03

StockManiac 0.16.0 released

see details on the project page at For install instructions take a look at the Administrator Guide section of the manual at

Have fun!

Posted by 2010-08-22

StockManiac 0.15.0 released

see details on the new project page at and take a look at the also new manual at . The manual is now the primary source for documentation of StockManiac.

Have fun!

Posted by 2010-03-20

StockManiac 0.14.0 released

this is a new major release with some features and many changes under the hood. Check the project page for more information:

Have Fun!


Posted by 2009-11-23

StockManiac 0.13.2 release

this is a maintentance release over 0.13.1. Its got a number of fixes, external_packages have been updated, there are usability improvements and the ChartDisplay can draw logarithmic charts now.

get 0.13.2 from SourceForge:

also see project page for more details: ... read more

Posted by 2009-01-25

StockManiac 0.13.1 released

this is a maintentance release over 0.13.0. Its got a number of fixes, external_packages have been updated and the FundamentalData plugin is essentially re-written, so its now working as initially intended... ;-)

get 0.13.1:

also see project page for more details: read more

Posted by 2008-07-27

StockManiac 0.13.0 released

here is version 0.13.0. It comes with a couple new features and fixes:ChartDisplay can now draw a large chart in the middle of the screen. Have a 16:9 wide screen? Use the widht/height setting to fill it! Then there is a new plugin to track fundamental figures of securities. You can have system wide ones (which everyone can see) and personal ones which are only visible in your account.

Major changes are under the hood: I started converting tables to the new database naming convention. Thus,this release contains quite a lot update statements that may require some time during migration. Renaming tables and columns is a lot of work and could potentially introduce really bad bugs. Therefore I decided to make this a ongoing process where each new release will convert one or two tables at once.... read more

Posted by 2008-06-21

StockManiac 0.12.0 released

0.12.0 features a new plugin to put personal records on quote data and characterize it that way. Other than that I made a number of layout improvements and fixed bugs as they came along. The NewsReader shows now a headline index on top of the items. Quite convennient cause one doesn't need to scroll the entire page just to figure that theres no interesting article...

I tested the daemon on perl 5.10.0 and - so far - I am quite disappointed. The memory footprint is not significantly different compared to 5.8.8. Also the segfault while fork()ing did not go away (this might be my fault though). Looks like the code does not benefit much from all the improvements made in perl. Finance::Quote appears to be dead. Except for people submiting patches and new bug reports, theres no activity for almost 1.5 years now. Looks like I have to re-think the quote/news update topic once again. Thoughts anyone?... read more

Posted by 2008-05-18

StockManiac 0.11.2 released

one more maintenance release: the most notable improvement is a change in the news reader implementation which makes browsing feeds much faster. This has been achieved by using a trigger to count things in advance. Therefore mysql-4.x.x is not sufficient anymore, you need at least mysql-5.0.2. Please check your mysql version before upgrading.

get tarballs and rpms from read more

Posted by 2007-12-08

StockManiac 0.11.1 released

this is just a maintenance release over 0.11.0 to get rid of some annoying things. Only code fixes, no new features, no database changes. Feel free to upgrade. Its easy.

If you did not upgrade to 0.11.0 yet: read the 0.11.0 Announcement and Release Notes ( first since there are some significant changes. Then just upgrade to 0.11.1 directly. There is no need to do any extra steps from <your version> to 0.11.1....... read more

Posted by 2007-09-15

StockManiac 0.11.0 released

Now its done!

0.11.0 is out now and took much longer than I initially expected. CSS/XHTML might be nice technologies... they are definitely very time consuming. :-) Anyhow, I ripped apart all templates, removed all the formatting, put the document structure in shape (ie the way XHTML should be) and wrote 1.5 kilo lines of CSS code to get all this formatted. Along the way I improved many details making the user interface much more intuitive and easier to use... I think.... read more

Posted by 2007-08-18

ATTENTION: Monitors will be dropped!


I decided to drop the Monitor (or "Watchlist") feature in the next release (0.10.1). Main reason is that this feature is actually broken since the 0.9.3 release long time ago. This was/is a consequence that came along with the "position centric" design introduced back then. Since then, only the ChartDisplay was playing with the Monitors because of compatibility code which I never liked cause its slow...... read more

Posted by 2007-03-06

Debian 3.1 Sarge packages available

yet another attempt on Debian packaging. This time they are much more mature. Especially the daemon package. Though, not yet perfect. You'll probably have to enable "testing" in order to satisfy the dependencies.

get Debian packages from

Note that Debian has the same issue with Perl threads as Fedora and SuSE: stockmaniac-daemon needs threads >= 1.38, but 1.07 is shipped. Better is to take the newest release which is 1.58 right now. The debian package has no dependency hardcoded. So it will install. Then use the CPAN module to update threads before starting the daemon...... read more

Posted by 2007-02-28

Release 0.10.0

just realized that I never used the Project News Facility at SF. Don't know why actually, so I am doing it now...

Version 0.10.0 was released end of january and while using it, I can say its quite stable. See the project page ( for more information, release notes and download instuctions.

Note that this release is also available in RPM format for Fedora Core 6 and openSuSE 10.2 linux. These packages are the recommended way to install if you run one of these distributions [1]... read more

Posted by 2007-02-21