#43 evc4: ptrdiff_t missing

Michael Fink

On evc4 the ptrdiff_t is missing. In branch 5.0 for
both evc3 and evc4 the ptrdiff_t was defined. In
current CVS HEAD it seems it isn't. This patch corrects

The patch additionally adds a check if _STLP_DEBUG is
defined when compiling with the ARM compiler for
evc3/evc4. This mode is known to not work due to a
compiler bug (hopefully fixed in msvc8-ARM).


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    Patch applied even if I wonder, is _PTRDIFF_T_DEFINED a evc
    macro or do you defined it for STLport internal use ? If it
    is for internal use it should rather be
    _STLP_PTRDIFF_T_DEFINED or simply no macro at all as I don't
    think compiler will complain of seeing typedef of ptrdiff_t
    several times. If it is a evc macro, is it necessary to
    define it in STLport ?

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  • Michael Fink
    Michael Fink

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    The _PTRDIFF_T_DEFINED comes from the native header
    stddef.h, where ptrdiff_t is defined. So for evc4 we don't
    need the patch. It should be enough to include stddef.h when
    ptrdiff_t is needed, but that isn't always the case. So I
    see the solution with defining ptrdiff_t as ok.