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STLport 5.0.0 (release)

STLport 5.0.0 (release) available!

Great thanks for all authors, contributors, testers!

General changes relative STLport 4.x:

- No more wrapper mode: you can use STLport iostreams or no iostreams at all;
- _STLP_NO_CUSTOM_IO now also hide basic_string implementation
- internal namespace schema has been modified, see doc folder for additional informations;
- Support of many modern C++ compilers and platforms
o gcc 3.4.0 and later;
o MSVC .Net 2002, 2003 and MSVC 2005 Beta;
o Windows CE see build/test/unit/STATUS for a complete list of tested platforms/compilers;
o Novell Netware;
o Linux/uClibc;
- Move semantic: vector or deque of any other STL containers are using move semantic
when resized or modified rather than copy.
- New checks in safe STL mode like null pointer or check of iterator range pass
to container constructors;
- Expression template for string concatenation operations (available through
- Implementation of the short string optimization trick, basic_string have a small
static buffer in this case;
- STL containers vector, deque, list and slist pointer specialization to limit code bloats
(see _STLP_USE_PTR_SPECIALIZATIONS on config file);
- Use of boost type_traits rather than internal equivalent when requested (see
_STLP_USE_BOOST_SUPPORT in config file);
- set/multiset, or map/multimap iterators cannot be compared anymore;
- unordered_set, unordered_multiset, unordered_map, unordered_multimap hash containers
implementation specified in the TR1 document;
- Thanks to the _STLP_LEAKS_PEDANTIC config option you can ask STLport to clean its
memory pool before being unloaded, useful to only detect real memory leak problems;
- Creation of configuration scripts to make STLport configuration easier;
- Improvement of some algorithm like search_n or stable_sort;
- Ported to 64 bits platforms;
- Large file ( > 4 Gb) stream support on Win32 platform;
- Unit tests provide now good regression with clean interpretation;
- Many bugfixes, code cleaning, etc.

Posted by Petr Ovtchenkov 2005-11-03