using ::abs has redefine how to deal?

  • wdl

    I just wrote like this :

    include "stl/_string.h"

    int main()
    //cout << "Hello World!" << s << endl;
    return 0;

    but it cause error when I compile it...
    also there is another error like this:
    error: redefinition of 'struct stlp_std::__true_type'
    may it because of namespace
    but I don't know how to do?

  • Casteele

    While I'm new to STLport myself.. It doesn't look like anyone else is answering this, so I'll give it a try (My answer may not be correct, however!)

    From what I see looking at the STLport header files, it does not look like you should include "stl/_string.h" directly (or any of the "stl/_*" headers). Instead, you should be using the standard form of "#include <string>" (or maybe it's "#include <cstring>"?) so that the STLport headers can pull in all the other headers it needs before pulling in stl/_string.h.

    Last edit: Casteele 2014-08-02