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Introduce myself, I'm a Chinese, my english is poor. Maybe lots of documentation will be Chinese, so if you want to get the english version, please send a mail to me, I will try my best to tranlate them to English. Thanks.

My email is

Posted by brad 2009-01-07

Project has been actived

First time that I upload Clutch & Chassis module into CVS repository.
Clutch is a common utilities module. Almost all other modules will depend on it.
And Chassis is a resource management module. Also it will provide a default implementation base on XML file. You will find the first version of resource manager requirement documentation in CVS under chassis module. In my plan, chassis will be the resource interfaces for all other modules, they are data model, simple flow(maybe a simple workflow definition), rule and UI. As we know, if we control them, we control the simple business software too. This is the target that I create the Sting Object.... read more

Posted by brad 2009-01-06