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Story Update

Mike and I did some discussing on the Gladius Magicae story, and we've come up with some ideas. The game will probably have nine continents with one hidden at the very beginning. It's going to be huge...really.

Sorry for the major lack of updates by the way, but we've been very busy lately.

-Ian / Spectere

Posted by Ian J. Burgmyer 2002-05-12

An update?! *gasp!*

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of updates, but Life and operating systems were getting in my way. Things should get better after school lets out. :-/

I uploaded a slight revision to the document with a slightly larger menu bar. Thanks go to a mysterious person that took the documentation survey for pointing that out to me. I'm definately not the best HTML designer out there. ;-)

So, what's going on with Gladius? Well, Mike and I are working on the story. He thought of a good idea involving several different swords, but I was thinking that it might sound like a Zeux rip-off. We'll see...... read more

Posted by Ian J. Burgmyer 2002-04-22

New Survey Up

I just put up a survey regarding the battle system and documentation of Stimuli. Please take it, as this will determine where the project is going to go from here.

Thank you!

-Ian / Spectere

Posted by Ian J. Burgmyer 2002-04-04

SourceForge is Confused

For some reason, on the "view releases" page, the Stimuli releases 0.0.2 and 0.0.3 were mixed up (0.0.2 was above 0.0.3). I had to change the date of 0.0.3 to compensate, so instead of the correct date, March 31, it reports that it was released April 1. No biggie.

-Ian / Spectere

Posted by Ian J. Burgmyer 2002-04-03

Story Needed

We are looking for story contributions for Gladius Magicae. I am planning on working on a story, but am interested to see what everyone else has in mind.

To submit a story, e-mail it to me at the_spectere<at>mac<dot>com. You will be credited for your submission when the final game comes out, so get to work, people! :-)

-Ian / Spectere

Posted by Ian J. Burgmyer 2002-04-03

Stimuli v0.0.3 Released

Stimuli v0.0.3 has just been released (two releases in one day?!). I have updated the documentation for this release to include the senses engine. This release mainly fixes some bugs from the previous one and finishes the crappy brdSenses robot from the previous version (yes, it actually works properly now).

-Ian B / Spectere

Posted by Ian J. Burgmyer 2002-04-01

Stimuli is ALIVE!

The "death" was thanks to my stupidity (I mixed up MBoardX and MBoardY with MouseX and MouseY...DOH!). The new version is available here, that includes senses. Have fun!

I think I lost all the data for board senses (senses regarding grass, water, etc) in a MegaZeux crash. Freakin' Windoze key. :-(

-Ian B / Spectere

Posted by Ian J. Burgmyer 2002-03-31

Task Manager and More

I just put the task manager to use for Stimuli. Check it every so often to track our progress!

It sort of gives us an agenda to follow. I didn't feel like using the due dates that SourceForge allows for, because I don't feel that we can truly do a good job if we're staring at a "due date". Granted, we'll cut a few corners so it won't take forever to complete, but we're going to do the best we can do.... read more

Posted by Ian J. Burgmyer 2001-07-04


I just put up a MegaZeux/Gladius survey. Please take it if you have time. :-)

-Ian B

Posted by Ian J. Burgmyer 2001-07-03

Pop-up Menus

I rewrote the pop-up menu code a few days ago (forgot to post it...sorry). I accidentally made it like Windows or X (where if it doesn't have enough room, it opens the opposite direction. So, that's pretty cool. I posted what I have so far of the re-rewritten code. It's not much, but after having a hard drive partition that was eaten up by Partition Magic, I think I got off to a good start, heh...... read more

Posted by Ian J. Burgmyer 2001-07-03

Stimuli Rewritten

Sorry for the silence lately. I figured I'd write in about the progress of the game engine.

Due to extreme speed problems, I've begun to rewrite Stimuli. Too many overlay block features, I guess. I'm trying to implement pop-up menus, and before, for some odd reason, I used normal overlays. I'm going to try rewriting it with static overlays (should make the board design neater) and see if that works better.... read more

Posted by Ian J. Burgmyer 2001-06-26

New Member

Hi ya'll. Sorry for the Gladius silence...I've been busy working. That kind of hurt Stimuli's progress, but I'm picking up the pieces and trying to get it going now...

Oh yeah, onto the subject of the message! We have a new member in our little crew. Meet Ian Copp, a.k.a. Dragrion. Interestingly enough, we share the same first name. You know, Ian "Spectere" Burgmyer and Ian "Dragrion" Copp...oh poo, I guess I'm rambling ;-)... read more

Posted by Ian J. Burgmyer 2001-06-21

Computer Trouble

I'm currently having power supply trouble (my fan went dead), so I'm forced to write this from my dad's computer :-O

My system should be up and running soon, so I can work a bit on Stimuli tonight. If you have any ideas for the engine, post them in the "tracker" section under "Feature Requests". It would be much appreciated.

I'll write again when I get my system up and running.... read more

Posted by Ian J. Burgmyer 2001-06-05

Well, we're here!

Gladius Magicae, after only twelve hours of waiting, joins the SourceForge network. We are currently planning the story and building the Stimuli engine. Stimuli will be released before the final project under the zlib/libpng license.

Well, I'm pretty darn excited about this project. It's going to be HUGE! Well, I'm going to go work on the engine. Take care!


Posted by Ian J. Burgmyer 2001-06-04