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Wiki on a Stick 0.10.8 released

This a major upgrade to 0.10.x development tree which incorporates some new features (most notably: online help documentation) and a lot of UI improvements/bugfixes. Some changes for this release are:

* fixed load/save bugs with IE
* fixed a bug which prevented WoaS from correctly remembering about last encrypted page
* incremented infinite recursion limit to 256
* XHTML comments and CSS style blocks are now pre-parsed
* URLs will not get italics
* fixed ghost page bug when creating new page and then canceling it
* fixed misleading wait cursor when javascript is disabled
* improved error messages when no file is selected but attempted to import
* added better explanation for java load/save failures
* proper page title validation & page title maximum length check
* added a notice in decryption password mask
* added help icon, implemented help popups and added documentation pages in WoaS::Help:: namespace
* added button for wiki links in editor mode
* added new menu/submenu edit button (based on work by littlegirl)

*Note:* documentation is not yet complete/reviewed!

Many thanks to Europe Weekend Testing which featured Wiki on a Stick for EWT08 (http://weekendtesting.com/archives/833); this release incorporates fixes for most of the bugs found during that testing session.

For a full list of changes, see http://stickwiki.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/stickwiki/trunk/CHANGELOG

Posted by Daniel 2010-03-11