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Stellarium 0.11.2 released!

Stellarium 0.11.2 has been released. Stellarium is a photo-realistic, general-purpose astronomy software.

Stellarium 0.11.2 is a stable version that introduces some new features and closes 47 bug and wishlist reports. A lot of work has been done on making translatable text that wasn't localized before. This includes most of the text used by the default plug-ins, landscapes, countries, script names and descriptions. The Oculars plug-in now has an optional control panel with buttons for those affected by the "missing menu" bug, but it needs to be enabled in the Oculars configuration window. An feature for importing new satellites has been added to the Satellites plug-in, so be sure to reset its settings to get the new data sources. A more detailed change log follows below.... read more

Posted by Bogdan Marinov 2012-03-10

Stellarium 0.11.1 available for Ubuntu

Stellarium 0.11.1 is now available via a Launchpad PPA (Personal Package Archive) for all five currently supported versions of Ubuntu: from 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx to the still-in-development 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin.

Stellarium's Ubuntu Releases PPA can be found at Launchpad:

To get the updated Stellarium packages, you need to add the following line to your system's Software Sources:... read more

Posted by Bogdan Marinov 2011-11-11

Stellarium Daily Builds for Ubuntu

If you are an Ubuntu user and you wish to test the very latest development code, Stellarium now provides a Daily Builds PPA:

The packages are built directly from the latest version of the development code. They are updated once per day or less often, if there are no changes to the code.

WARNING! These packages are UNSTABLE! Use them at your own risk. At the very least, don't use them if you don't know how to downgrade Stellarium's package to a previous version.

Posted by Bogdan Marinov 2011-11-11

Stellarium 0.11.1 has been released!

The Stellarium team is proud to announce the release of version 0.11.1. This is an important bug fix release closing more than 20 bugs in the main application and in the plug-ins. It also brings small GUI usability improvements. A huge thanks to all community bug reporters who helped us a lot finding bugs! You can find the full list of changes the change log.

We have updated the configuration file and the Solar System file, so if you have an existing Stellarium installation, you need to reset the settings after you install the new version.

Posted by Bogdan Marinov 2011-11-04

Stellarium in SOCIS 2011

Are you a student looking for an exciting summer job? Get paid this summer to work on Stellarium!
We were selected to be a mentoring organization for the ESA Summer of Code in Space 2011: a program funding european students for working on astronomy open source projects. Please review our ideas page and submit your application on

Hurry up! The application deadline is on July 27th at 11am UTC

Posted by Fabien Chéreau 2011-07-22

Discover the SVMT Plugin

SVMT standing for "Survey Visualization and Monitoring Tool" is a plugin for Stellarium which allows astronomers at ESO to monitor the progression and completion of large sky surveys.

Fabien posted a description of this plugin with videos on his blog at

Posted by Fabien Chéreau 2011-05-05

Volunteer Wanted

Volunteer wanted - no coding required. We need someone to coordinate translations of the main web page. This entails emailing translators when there is work to be done, gathering together their work and forwarding it to the development team periodically.

If you can help us out with this, please join the stellarium-pubdevel mailing list and introduce yourself.

Posted by Matthew Gates 2010-12-21

Updated Windows Package (

A small change was made to the Windows version which [we hope] will fix some font rendering problems some people have.

Posted by Matthew Gates 2010-12-06

Stellarium 0.10.6 released!

The Stellarium development team is proud to announce the release of version 0.10.6 of Stellarium.

This release brings some interesting new features:
- New feature for installing landscapes from ZIP archives.
- New plugin: Solar System editor.
- New plugin: Time Zone manual override.
- Oculars plugin: customizable keyboard shortcuts.
- Satellites plugin: added new orbit prediction engine w/ orbits.
- Satellites plugin: can now update TLEs from a local file.
- Telescope control plugin: added manual equinox / epoch override.... read more

Posted by Matthew Gates 2010-12-05

Wiki Upgraded

The wiki has been upgraded to the latest version of mediawiki. Please report and strangeness with the wiki in the IRC channel or to the pubdevel mailing list.

Posted by Matthew Gates 2010-11-30

Preview of 0.10.6 Features

A preview of some the the new features (with screenshots) in the upcoming 0.10.6 release can be found here:

Posted by Matthew Gates 2010-11-21

Call to translators

We plan to release Stellarium 0.10.6 in a few weeks (some time around Dec 3).

There are many strings to translate this release because we have several new and interesting user-facing features. If you can assist with translation to any of the eighty languages Stellarium supports, please go to Launchpad and help us out:

Thank you!

Posted by Matthew Gates 2010-11-20

IRC Developer Meeting

On Monday the 15th there will be a developer meeting in the IRC channel. Details can be found here:

Posted by Matthew Gates 2010-11-11

Switch to bazaar Version Control System

The source code of Stellarium is now managed by Bazaar instead of Subversion. This change should ease new developers to create and maintain specific changes in parallel to the main code trunk thanks to the powerful distributed nature of bzr.
See for accessing the new repository.

Posted by Fabien Chéreau 2010-06-18

Stellarium 0.10.5 available for Ubuntu 10.04

Stellarium 0.10.5 binary packages are now available for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx through a Launchpad PPA (Personal Package Archive).

Stellarium's Ubuntu Releases PPA can be found at Launchpad:

To get the updated Stellarium packages, you can either:

a) use the Software Sources utility to add the "ppa:stellarium/stellarium-releases" line to the list of software sources, and then use the Synaptic package manager or the Ubuntu Software Center to update Stellarium's packages.... read more

Posted by Bogdan Marinov 2010-06-08

Stellarium 0.10.5 released!

The Stellarium team is very proud to announce the release of stable version 0.10.5. This is an important bug fix release closing more than 30 bugs in the main application and in the plugins. It also brings small GUI usability improvements, as well as a much reduced starting time.
A huge thanks to all community bug reporters who helped us a lot finding bugs!

Posted by Fabien Chéreau 2010-06-02

Stellarium 0.10.3 released

The Stellarium team are delighted to announce the release of Stellarium 0.10.3.

This release brings some exciting new features. Stellarium now ships with plug-ins for predicting the positions of artificial satellites in Earth orbit, improved telescope control features, telescope eyepiece simulation (ocular) and more. Plug-ins can be enabled using the new plug-ins tab in the configuration dialog.

We also have a new sky culture - Aztec, updated translations and an in-program script editor.... read more

Posted by Matthew Gates 2010-01-29

Stellarium scripts competition

The LSS-Planetarium Open Project is organizing a competition of Stellarium scripts "the stratoscript compendium ring 2009.
Deadline for registration and delivery of the Stellarium script : October, the 18th 2009. Contest details can be found there:

The Lhoumeau Sky-System Open Project is a concept of planetarium at low cost for small and medium planetariums using Stellarium, a videoprojector and a supplementary optical system. For more information see:

Posted by Fabien Chéreau 2009-08-05

Stellarium: 0.10.2 released!

The Stellarium team is proud to announce the release of Stellarium version 0.10.2, hot on the heels of 0.10.1.

Version 0.10.2 is based on the recent release of QT 4.5, which should fix startup problems which some users experienced with version 0.10.1. This change should also solve some Mac rendering bugs and speed up the GUI elements of the program.

A new projection mode is now available, called "Hammer-Aitoff", which allows for very wide fields of view (up to 360 degrees). This release also includes many bug fixes and some general performance tweaks.... read more

Posted by Matthew Gates 2009-03-10

Stellarium: 0.10.1 released!

Stellarium renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time with OpenGL. It displays stars, constellations, planets, nebulas and others things like ground, landscape, atmosphere, etc.

The Stellarium team is proud to announce the release of Stellarium version 0.10.1.

This is the first stable version featuring the new Graphical User Interface. It contains all features introduced in 0.10.0 beta (with much less bugs!) as well as: a new script engine (in testing), new translations in Albanian and Bosnian, an improved grid rendering, the possibility to download extra star catalogs in 1 click, and various performance improvements.

Posted by Fabien Chéreau 2009-02-06

Translations for upcoming Stellarium v0.10.1

Stellarium 0.10.1 will be released in the coming days: it is the best time to update and finalize translation of the program in your language. Have a look in to see if the translation is complete for your language!
If you want to be more involved, you should also join the stellarium-translation team: and subscribe to the matching mailing list to be kept up to date.

Posted by Fabien Chéreau 2009-01-21

Happy New Year

I'd like to wish all Stellarium users a Happy New Year on behalf of the Stellarium developers. Thanks to everyone who supported the project in 2008 and here's to 2009 - lets make Stellarium better than ever.

Clear Skies

Posted by Matthew Gates 2009-01-01

Developer documentation online

To help new developers, both within the project and to encourage third party plugin developers, we've been spending some time to flesh out the API documentation and have put it online.

See the latest API docs here:

Posted by Matthew Gates 2008-12-03

Work continues on the next release

Work continues towards the next release. Telescope control key bindings have been reimplemented although there is no GUI for telescope configuration as yet.

The new script engine is becoming pretty usable, and although there are still some features of the old engine which are not yet implemented in the new, the flexibility of the ECMA language makes it possible to do all sorts of cool things which were not possible before.... read more

Posted by Matthew Gates 2008-11-27

A look into the future

This article shines a little light onto a possible future feature of Stellarium - dynamically downloadable full-sky imagery, like Google Earth's Sky feature and MS's World Wide Telescope.

Posted by Matthew Gates 2008-10-13