Could you please give the output of the compilation error?
Matthew, we have almost everything for the server, at the last news, Tangui told me there are some problem for connecting something somewhere, I forgot the details.

I personally don't know how to setup a proper nightly builds/tests. It would be very nice feature, but it should not require too much maintenance otherwise nobody will take care of it..

On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 17:28, Timothy Reaves <> wrote:
       Unfortunately, I can not get Stellarium to run on OS X 10.6.  As-of a
recent commit, it no longer even compiles.  Seems the cmake files
aren't setup correctly.  When it was building, the graphics are
corrupt.  I don't have the expertise to troubleshoot the OpenGL
issues, although I can fix the cmake issues (once I get some time this

       What would help would be an official nightly build for each of the
supported platforms (Mac, Linux, Windows), as a number of apps are now
doing.   This would enable us to better troubleshoot issues, and
perhaps resolve issues sooner.  It would also allow people who want
more up-to-date functionality to run a nightly build, without the
hassle of getting a 'correct' build environment configured.

       Anyone have any ideas for this?  Know what resources we'd need, and
who may be able to help with providing them?

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