On 6/29/07, Matthew Gates <matthewg42@gmail.com> wrote:
On Friday 29 June 2007, Fabien Chéreau wrote:
> Dear all,
> I added in the extmodule directory of the SVN the base code for the new
> Qt-based GUI module.
> To try it, go into the StellaGui directory and type:
> mkdir builds
> cd builds
> mkdir unix
> cd unix
> cmake ../..
> make
> make install
> cp -r StellaGui ~/.stellarium/modules/

I had to modify the CMakeLists.txt file and set the paths to the Stellarium
directories.  After that the instructions worked fine.

> Run stellarium and the module should be loaded. Please report any error
> or strange behaviour.

I assume this preview should only contain a few of the buttons in the tool
bar, and the minimal config panel?

yes, we can now start to edit the StellaGui.ui file to create the real widgets.

When I un-docked the config dialog (only containing the Nebulas checkbox at
present), my frame rate dropped to less than 1. This also happened when I
changed to full screen mode.

The main window  is supposed to smoothly change its size in this case, I don't have this behaviour.. Does the frame rate return to normal after?

I really hope the stylesheets give us a lot of control over the look of the
widgets. because they are not very beautiful at the moment.


I made a mock up of the config dialog a few days ago, and a toolbar.  In
this mock up I set the palette of some of the widgets, and it helped some.


Your desktop uses another style than mine by default. We shoud enforce the use of the plastic style which looks really nicer.

You'll notice the borders on the button bar buttons are smaller than in your
implementation.  However, this is small as I could get them, and the image
does not go right to the edge as with out s_gui buttons.

One of the problem with transparency was that I couldn't have non square transparent shapes like the corner of your buttons. So I decided to use frame around them (in VirGO), even if it's not so nice..

I also chose for the config window to be implemented as a dock widget
because of the very small titlebar in the window when un-docked (it looks
most like the old configuration window).  I'm not sure if this is a good
idea or not.  I don't like the feel of the dock widget much.

It's the only choice to have floating windows. It is possible to prevent them to be docked if we don't want to.

I think we have a lot of work to make it look good enough to please our
users.  But I also look forward to being able to make new features without
too much pain.

Yeah I agree, your mockup looks quite scary :) Like an 80's comodore interface! I hope Johan will be able to help here..