Hi Matthew
I have been having a play with the sound in Stellarium. No trouble in compiling but I get erratic results on different computers when I try to run a sound script.
Last time I tried running scripts about 12 months ago. This computer played the audiotest.scc OK on the Wav and mp3 test files so I made an mp3 from an old midi file of Chopin's polonaise. This worked OK as well but I needed to extend the core wait time to the length of the file. The ogg file did not work because I did not have ogg drivers.
I could not get any of the audio files to work on any of my other computers. The text came up OK. and the delays worked but there was no sound.
Today I tried again on the latest compiled Stellarium. None of the audio files worked any more. However I tried them on my lap top and was able to play the wav, mp3 and wma files if I edited the *.ssc file to remove the
If I did that the file details printed to the screen one after the other and then all the files played at the same time.
I next made modified .ssc files for each separate sound methods and ran them in Stellarium. This time my lap top works great at playing the files from Stellarium with the simplified single programs
I then transferred the new .ssc files back to the main computer. The wav file works but the mp3 and wma files don't now.
I will put my modified audio scrpts on me web site where they can be down loaded and tested.

Barry Gerdes
Beaumont Hills Observatory
S 33' 41' 44"    E 150' 56' 32"