Dear Georg,

2014-07-14 16:43 GMT+07:00 Georg Zotti <>:
I see Windows RCs for native OpenGL (fine!) and OpenGL/MESA. The latter is
the pure software-GL solution for PCs without OpenGL2 capable cards, i.e.
the CPU has to do all. Single-core CPU platforms thus become very slow.
After all these trials with MSVC: How mature was building with ANGLE for
non-OpenGL2 capable PCs with DirectX9 support? This would likely be
preferrable on the previous Atom generation of netbooks and small PCs

I can build Stellarium with help of MSVC but both editions - OpenGL and ANGLE - will be with serious problem in limited support of star catalogs. It's annoying but right now I can't give correct solution for this problem.
With best regards, Alexander