Dear Georg,

2013/12/22 Georg Zotti <>
Alright, it's a problem in our main CMakeLists.txt config: this seems to
be configured for and usable with gcc, exclusively. All the extra flags
defined in line 96ff (-Wall (ok, --> /Wall, but this activates tons of
messages) -Wsign-promo  -mno-ms-bitfields -fexceptions -fident -mthreads)
do not work with (i.e., are ignored by) the MSVC cl.exe.

Bad news :(

For a test, I deleted the -Wsign-promo switch from CMakeLists.txt.
The compilation creates apparently tons of errors by ignoring the
-mno-ms-bitfields, and then many more on missing copy constructors etc. I
guess MSVC was never used?

VS8 was used few years ago. MSVC2008 was used by one australian guy but not devteam members. Technically we should add compiler flags for MSVC in our main CMakeLists.txt.

That means we need Qt5.2/Win32/ANGLE/MinGW, built from sources?

*Sigh* Looks like you are right.
Another solution may be to cross-compile a Mesa software renderer for the
weak hardware, described here:

This opengl32.dll could be made an optional library for the installation

I currently have no usable Linux PC. Any volunteers?

Those instructions for Arch Linux, who use GCC 4.8 or maybe 4.9. On my system (Ubuntu 12.04.3) I have only GCC 4.6 and I can't build crossed versions of llvm 3.3 and mesalib.

With best regards, Alexander