On Fri, Oct 11, 2013 at 3:50 PM, Georg Zotti <georg.zotti@univie.ac.at> wrote:
On Fr, 11.10.2013, 12:12, Fabien Chéreau wrote:
> Barry,
> I tried to compile on windows and it works almost out of the box. If you
start from a clean computer, you only need to install the Qt SDK
> with Mingw, a recent cmake and zlib.

and gettext, right?

Not for compiling, I got rid of this dependency. We now use Qt's system for translation. The gettext tools are still needed for re-generating the .pot file. 

> Open the CmakeList.txt, build and run
> (you also need to copy all the dll from you QT install into the
> where stellarim.exe is located).

Not even that if the DLLs are in your PATH. Usually I just have a link to
the exe in the project root directory and further linked in the task bar
with special icons to discern several branches.

My only concern currently is about weaker hardware not natively delivering
GLES2 (older Intel, netbooks etc). I don't find a ready-made 5.1/Angle dev
package, and I was not successful building in 5.0. Maybe it returns for

I think you have it when you update your QtCreator using the Qt Maintenance Tool. But I have no idea wheather Angle can emulate shaders in software mode for devices which don't support shaders.



> On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 11:18 PM, Barry Gerdes
> <barrygastro@hotmail.com>wrote:
>> Why the obsession with svg support when the Qt5 version is broken in
>> former functions that worked well with the Qt 4.8 version of
>> I
>> can see very little use except for scales in plugins and maybe text
>> The way I see it we should have left the old trunk to continue the Qt
>> development to reach the Stellarium 1.0.0 stage where it could be
>> and started a completely new branch for the Qt5 version which may
eventually have great merit when it progresses past the stage we were at
>> with the change to bzr and Qt 4 about three years ago.
>> Just my thoughts
>> Barry

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