Hi Georg,

On Fri, Nov 8, 2013 at 4:45 PM, Georg Zotti <georg.zotti@univie.ac.at> wrote:
Hi Bogdan and Fabien,

I have the PolygonalLandscape almost working. Just one significant and one
small problem, maybe Fabien can see&solve this in a minute or shed light
on the topic?

The SphericalPolygon is filled around the zenith, not the ground. When I
reverse the polygon contours, nothing is rendered. I thought in this case
StelPainter culls away everything, but disabling culling in
StelPainter::drawSphericalRegion() L1344 leads to other bizarre effects.
My SphericalPolygon would be something that obviously usually covers the
bottom half of the landscape sphere plus some mountains. Can I tell
SphericalRegion which pole it should include?

Maybe (I can't remember very well) creating a polygon from a contour expect the polygon to extend on less than 180 deg. Instead of reversing the contour, try to use the getSubtraction() method between the full sky polygon (AllSkySphericalRegion) and the one you have already.

The other problem is that the edge line which I would also like to have
shows an extra line towards the zenith. No idea why or how to get rid of

There used to be such bugs for very large areas (it was a huge pain to make those work at all). It's possible that some bugs were never completely fixed.



On Fr, 8.11.2013, 02:11, Georg Zotti wrote:
> Hi!
> I have the sampling working, and the Carte du ciel horizon is also already
> properly parsed. I have created a new landscape class trying to use a
> SphericalPolygon, but it is not rendered yet. [...]
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