Hi guys

I have sucessfully compiled stellarium-0.11.1 with android toolchains and android-qt libraries.
But when I strat up stellarium app on android emulator(api-level 8). The app failed on line 244
[Q_ASSERT(StelPainter::glContext==QGLContext::currentContext());] in StelTexture.cpp and 
get many warning as "E/libEGL ( 2445): called unimplemented OpenGL ES API". I have specified
the "-lGLESv2" option when linking the app and checked the return value of "glGetString(GL_VERSION)"
in function StelQGLWidget::initializeGL(). The result is something like "GLESv1_CM". It seems
the the app can't find the right opengl version.........
Do you guys have any hint in solving this issue?

Best regards