Hi Alex
I have basically been doing that
My paths are /opt/Qt5.1.1/5.1.1/gcc/bin
and /opt/Qt5.1.1/5.1.1/gcc/lib/cmake
I haven't tried CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH =
so I had better try again
However I used the 32 bit binary pack because I an not sure whether my Vmware is 64 bit

Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2013 10:59:18 +0700
From: alex.v.wolf@gmail.com
To: stellarium-pubdevel@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: Re: [Stellarium-pubdevel] Shortcut manager refactorization

Hi Barry,

2013/9/27 Barry Gerdes <barrygastro@hotmail.com>
I would like to start building in linux again but am having trouble installing Qt5 in my Win 8 virtual drive version.
What files are you using. Did you build Qt 5 from source or use the linux version from qt-project.org

I use binary packages from qt-project.org
I also tried this on a virtual  Linux under Win 7 where Qt 5.1.1 did install from the linux install file but Stellarium cannot find the Qt5 files.

If you install it to /opt then you need update $PATH before run cmake like this:
export PATH=/opt/Qt5/5.1.1/gcc_64/bin:$PATH

Or you can run export CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/opt/Qt5/5.1.1/gcc_64/lib/cmake and run cmake.

Plus you need use LD_PRELOAD for binary package.

For example I use /opt/Qt5 for Qt 5.1.1 and /opt/stellarium for Stellarium packages. Inside /opt/stellarium/bin I have run.sh file, which start Stellarium/Qt5: http://astro.uni-altai.ru/~aw/stellarium/run.sh.txt

With best regards, Alexander

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