Hi Fabien.

Pep, which one is the branch I should look at on Launchpad? If one of
the 2 branches is unused, don't forget to delete it from LP.


There are 2 branch in launchpad of my plugin? I don't understand. I pushed the branch ~peppujols\stellarium\printsky, and next I did a very little modification and update the first version (branch update). I believe that an branch update in launchpad overwrite the previous version. Obviously if there are two versions the correct version is the last.

If I go to Launchpad, I only see one version of  branch (https://code.launchpad.net/~peppujols/stellarium/printsky). How can I see in the launchpad the two version together to delete the first version?

Thanks, and sorry (I'm newer in the use of Bzr-Launchpad)..