On 23/06/2010 1:55, Peter Mousley wrote:
Problem 1 solved!  I added code to output if 42 GL capabilities were enabled or not, for both a star and a planet (just for some amusement, see attached).  Two were different; GL_BLEND and GL_TEXTURE_2D were both enabled for stars but not for planets.  Disabling GL_BLEND did not help, but disabling GL_TEXTURE fixed it.  Star labels now work properly with both OpenGL1 and OpenGL2  :-D
As a bonus, the frame rate is up: (20 FPS using QPainter::drawImage; 30 FPS with GL_TEXTURE_2D enabled; and almost 40 FPS now (with GL_BLEND disabled, which still looks pretty good, FPS is above 40).  As a comparison, using QPainter::drawText direct to QGLWidget gives just under 60 FPS - when it's working.

Now I just need rotated text.  Fabien?  Anyone else?

Code available on Launchpad:

Some TODO's are included as comments.
Any feedback/assistance welcome.
If anyone with font problems is able to test, that would be much appreciated.