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New Arabic sky culture finished recently

  • kutaibaa akraa
    kutaibaa akraa

    Hi everybody
    Since the starting of this project five years ago I was there monitoring your
    site every week
    It seems to me very promising future for the program progress.
    Now I'm working on an "Arabic sky culture" since the version 0.9.1 Confronting
    many misunderstanding of the stellarium overall structure.
    Few past months I created a new Arabic sky art culture with a good constructed
    images from an old Arabic manuscript related to 968 A.D era.
    Every thing we know about Arabic astronomy of the stars and there names came
    from the book that Persian astronomer "al sufi" established and called" Suwar
    alkawakeb al thabetah" witch was a translation of Ptolemy lost book
    This book is full of images "96 images" as constellations viewed in the sky
    and as in globe.
    So we have only 48 constellation known in the Arabic culture.
    Al sufi made a lot of changes in this translation . the Arabic and greek
    cultures merged to form a sky culture with imagined images from Greek myth but
    the names of the stars and constellations were in Arabic .
    So the similarities between tow cultures are great , the differences between
    them become clear when you compare the names of Stars and constellations .
    I divided my work on Four main parts:
    1- Constructing images .
    2- Editing the "fab" files to fit the images in a veritable shape inside
    3- Adding new terms in "po" dictionaries to be translated subsequently.
    4- Building new description files in Arabic ,English.
    1- Constructing images :
    Images of constellations of the arbic stalore came from the modification of
    the original ones of alsufi book" pictures of constellations of the fixed
    stras" 968 A.D.
    The images converted to black-white forms.
    (recently I started working on a colorful copies of these images , but needs
    more time and efforts to end …. Not soon).
    2-Editing "fab" files :
    49 names of constellations in " Constellation_names.eng.fab"
    I put an index to them starts from 001 to 049
    In Arabic only "coma Bernice" is not a constellation but I add a separate
    image(only circles) and index to refer to this patch of the sky as a "lion
    hair" as" al sufi" mentioned and this region is a supplement to "leo" or
    "lion" constellation.
    Editing the file : constellationart.fab.
    I managed to merge some constellations by there images as known by "al sufi"
    -cetus and lupus (cetus and wolf) in one image.
    -ophicus and serpens (serpent bearer ) in one image.
    -pyxis,vela,carina,volan merged in one single constellation called "The ship"
    So I only merged images but in " Constellationship.fab" I left them separate,
    except "the ship" constellation .
    I create two sky arts differ from each other by the the way I named the

    I want from developers of stellarium to explain the process of translation in
    the program because I didn’t understand very well the sequence of the
    translation specially if I add a new terms and names inside the "fab" files ,
    how stellarium deal with the names inside " "
    And what is the necessity of adding a new _(" ") in the constellation names
    3-Adding new terms :
    I want to add new terms in the dictionary files
    -"Arabic " in -------------------------"stellarium.po "
    - A list of new names of the Arabic constellations and there translations to Arabic
    In ----------------------------------------" stellarium_skycultures.po ".
    - what can I do with star names translation ? do you have a solution to translate the star names without editing the "star_names.fab " file.
    I know from kajaji ( Mr. khaled) that he prepared a translated version of this
    file , but with Arabic font , and I know that is not suitable for the
    translation process in "stellarium".
    can we add other file with Arabic names and called it " star_names.arb.fab "
    and related this file to the selection of the " Arabic language "in witch
    Arabic user can benefit from this file to view star names in Arabic .
    I want to add a branch of this "Arabic sky culture" in your launchpad trunk
    using Bazzar program.
    Is it open ? or you have to give me a permission to do so.
    Thank you

  • Alexander Wolf
    Alexander Wolf

    I answer questions about support of translations for cultures in the sky of
    Stellarium as I last worked on this task.

    Translation of Stellarium by using Rosetta, which lines to transfer is
    automatically taken from the pot files.

    Description of the file with the names of the constellations you can take in
    the user manual. Description file names of stars has changed little - just
    added instructions on how to translate the names of the stars.

    I have made on the basis of your work brunch lp:~alexwolf/stellarium/arabic-
    skyculture, which is fully ready for integration into stellarium.

  • Alexander Wolf
    Alexander Wolf

    Example of sky culture in western

  • Kajaji

    Hi Alex
    I know that kutaibaa has a new updated and much improved Arabic sky culture. I
    do not know if he saw your reply here because his post is almost 50 days old.
    May be you could send him a message to upload his updated sky culture and tell
    him about the new formats in the strings of stars and constellations.