Visibility of sun

  • Reading the observability of sun in italian langage I noted some discrepancy but also grammatical error.

    1 Since the observability is referred to today, before the sun rise is shown the time elapsed from the sunset of the day before. Should be the time for the sunset of the day.
    The calculation of hours of rise and set should change ad midnight because the data refer to today.

    Grammatical errors for italian language:
    1. Before and after the sun rise after the time is indicated "fa" that means "ago" in english. This indication should be present only after the sun rised. Should be:
    - Before rise - "Sorge alle ore.........." (Time from now to the rise of today)
    - After rise - "E' sorto alle ore......." ("Time elapsed from now to the rise of today" fa (ago))

    1. In the sunset line is indicated " E' Tramontato alle ore...." even before and after the sunset. Before the sunset should be "Tramonta alle ore....." while it is correct after the sunset, Shoul be:

      • Before set - "Tramonta alle ore........" ("time from now to the set of today", even before the rise)
      • After set - "E' tramontato alle ore....." ("time elapsed from now to the set of today" fa (ago))

    i.e.: At 1am, if the sun rise at 7am and set at 6pm, the time to be passed to have rise will be 6 hours while for sunset will be 17hours)
    At 11pm, if the sun rise at 7am and set at 6pm, the time elapsed from the rise will be 16 hours, while for the set will be 5 hours).

    To mantain the actual calculation should be indicated that the time elapsed is referred to the rise or set of the day before.

    I am correct?

  • Ross

    Yes, I confirm that before the sunrise the word "fa" ("ago" in English) should not be shown (in English there is no error: the word "ago" is not present before the sunrise).

    And the word "(in xx:xx:xx)" before the sunset, should be translated in Italian with "(tra xx:xx:xx)".



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