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Launching stellarium without a splash

  • Jake

    (Accidentally posted in wrong forum. Please Ignore/Delete)
    Hi all,

    It's my first time posting here so thought I thought I would first express my appreciation to all the developers and community for asking many helpful questions.

    I've been writing a script to give a roughly 15min presentation on various
    Astronomy topics. There is a desire to have videos as part of the presentation, but I understand that media playback is still unreliable (I've tried without success to compile Stellarium with the ENABLE_SOUND flag). Anyway I've come up with an idea for a bit of a workaround. I have a simple bash script to load Stellarium play the first part of a presentation, quit, then have VLC play a video, then load Stellarium with the second part etc... and this works quite well, but there is the issue of the Stellarium splash screen popping up each time Stellarium is launched again.

    Is there a way to start Stellarium without the lovely splash screen?
    I've found that if I remove the logo24bits.png image I can get a black splash screen but is there any way to get the Stellarium version number to not display?


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