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Universe evolution

  • First of all please note that I do not have any background in such matter ( I am a chemist) but I like to think about, so please excuse me for such may be stupid thinking.
    Looking to the landscape I made for Stellarium (San Peter square) I recognize that the same persons are in different point of the square due to the fact that in the time I take the pictures the persons are moving. Now, could be possible that for example our galaxy is one of those observed by the Hubble telescope may be 10 billions ly far from us but 10 billions ly ago. In fact, at present time we do not know where it is.
    Where was our galaxy 10 billions ly ago?

    Another stupid thinking that come up to me is about the dark matter.
    Considering valid the theory of the presence of dark (invisible) matter to explain the lack of 95% of mass and energy toghether, and considering that this so called WIMP is around the galaxy and clusters, is theorized that this matter is formed from those, but could be possible that this matter is the origin of stars for some unknown interaction force. This thinking come up just looking to the ratio of the so called "normal or barionic" matter (about 5%) against the rest that is 6 to 20 times more at least reading around on this subject.
    Normally, the minor is trans-formed from the major.

    The last stupid thinking is concerning the movement of everithing we konow, from the electrons around the nuclei, the planets around the stars, the stars around the galaxy, the galaxy around the clusters, the clusters around maxy clusters and these around what?
    Could be possible that the primordial big explosion is still under way and everithing moves around it?
    Thanks to those have the patience to read may stupid thinking, but more to those that want explains to me where I am wrong.



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