Hello everyone!
If not one of the best, I think stellarium is one of the more realistic and impressive planetarium software around.
I use it for lessons with students at our observatory, and some of the things I love are its semplicity (just display the sky as it is, no more distracting stuff when you have people listening at you), constellation images, meteor showers and the possibility to run it on my linuxbox at home and on windows pc in observatory.
But the best thing is that it is free software (as in freedom!).

I have a feature request: I see that in stellarium meteors seem to irradiate always during the year and always from the same point in the sky.
It would be more realistic and educational to put the radiant on the right constellation in the sky, so for example in august you will see meteors irradiate near perseus, and to make the number of meteors displayed proportional to the expected ZHR.

There are detailed informations about meteor showers here:

I think I will soon review stellarium on my website: