Using the mouse is more intuitive!

  • First I'd like to congratulate the authors for such a fantastic program. It is simply the coolest looking planetarium software out there!

    I believe that it would be much more intuitive if it was possible to use the mouse to freely rotate the view and the mouse wheel to zoom in & out.

    It is a small feature but so much helpful. I think that it has been requested by others as well...

    Nick, Greece

    • You can use the left mouse button to rotate the view and the wheel to zoom in and out, at least in the Windows version.

      (I don't mean to imply you can't do this with the Linux or Mac versions. I simply don't know because I don't have those operating systems installed.)

      I know there are some settings in the Stellarium\config\config.ini file under the section titled navigation (in brackets) that relate to one or both of these features. If applicable to your installation you can try looking there to see what your settings are.

    • Thank you for replying.

      Of course I can use the mouse... I was simply using an older version of stellarium. Doh! ;)




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