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  • Hello,
    I am the author of a book, The Lost Traditions of Incal, which will soon be published in 2005.
    The book centers partly on revelations regarding the Mayan Calendar of 260 units, which I cannot explain in detail here, except to say that I have made some amazing discoveries.
    I would be willing to pay you upwards of one hundred US dollars to add this simple feature to Stellarium, to wit, a Mayan Calendar calculation.
    Within the information display for each of the solar or planetary bodies, the listings of RA and declination, etc. I would like you to add this simple calculation.
    Take the Rising time of the body and the Setting time, so that you have the total visible time of the body. This will be converted into minutes and then divided by two hundred and sixty. For the Sun, around now, here in Canada, you will get 1.46. Let this be K.
    Now, in order to display the current "Mayan Calendar time" if you will, which is a representation of the endocrine cycles within the human body and is based on the gestation cycle of a human which is 260 days. This will then be used to tune into the energy of the planets in a meditation or mental exercise.
    So we have K. We then take the current time, and the rising time of the body, and see how much time has elapsed since this body has risen into the sky. This may be a certain number of minutes, which we divide then by K. This will give us the current square of the "Calendar" which we will use to attune ourselves to the subtle energy of each planet. How this is accomplished is through the elemental energies, the basic forms within the vibration or wavelength, which are evident in the seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter, viz. Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. These are the different aspects of the wavelength, rising, falling, descending, arising. This is the mechanism of the movement of the radial energy through the human body, mind, and soul. So, as you can see, my book contains some fairly revolutionary things to say about this calendar, but this is only a very limited thing I have told you. There is much which supports this and further clarifies it which I have left out for the sake of brevity.
    There are larger calculations which could be included in a special version of the software, which may include units which are much bigger than 1.46 minutes. These would be rather days, and years, and generations. I would then mention the software in the book, along with the URL, so that it would recieve much popularity.
    If any of you who are qualified, expecially the great fellow who has created this software, if you are interested in helping me with this or recieving more information please e-mail me at

    • Hello!

      Your discovery is really facinating!!
      And the good new is that this simple feature you ask for is already implemented : press CTRL + K when a planet is selected and stellarium will automatically compute the number K for that body. Moreover, it will also compute the correlation with different factors as you correctly pointed out (season, the 4 directions, the 4 elements and colling temperature of you CPU) and will display an intuitive representation of your own radial energy. I don't want to enter into complexe details for the sake of brevity but i am sure users will appreciate.

      This feature is only available in the CVS version of stellarium, so I invite you to install a GNU compiler suite in irder to compile and test it.

      For what concerns the reference to the soft in the book, i prefere you not to mention the soft because sourceforge team would not appreciate the overload on the server and stellarium might be removed from the site.

      Thanks, and keep up the good work :)


    • Hey Fabien!

      What other secret keystrokes have embeded into Stelarium.

      Would love to know :)


    • Hello Fabien,

      Very interesting the story about the "Mayan Calendar time" and own radial energy...Did you implement the feature in 39 minutes (respect to the thread times) or where you already aware on this concept?
      By the way, I agree with you both that "for the sake of brevity" is a nice expression...
      Coming to the point, I downloaded the CVS version, compiled it with the instructions of the download page ( I had just a little problem with an old config.ini file that I replaced with the default_config.ini of the CVS version) BUT I didn't succeed to use the CTRL + K feature with a planet...


      PS: Maybe you will prefer me to add this comments in the Bug thread and not in the feedbacks one...

    • Wow! Cool! Hard science. Let's add a Horoscope generator too! Now excuse me while I go come up with some get-rich-quick-from-imbecilic-suckers scheme of my own.

    • I'll pay the author using this forum for free advertizing and promotion for his loser book $1,000,000 if he can prove that his theories aren't entirely complete and utter crap.

      My money is safe.

    • God is not mocked. For that is what we are discussing. How the planetary bodies influence our Mind. It has long been hidden, but lo, even I shall reveal it. As for hard science, it is turning to air before your very eyes, were you not so blind and drunk in your ignorance that you cannot see the beauty of the turning of the seasons. My "theories" are fifteen thousand years old. Nay, as old as the mind itself, yet they are hidden to you, for your carnality and materialism had made their revelation impossible until now. If you want to remain a man capable of thought, do not cast stumbling blocks before the children of israel.

    • It's written somewhere in the bible that "You shall not post bullshit on Stellarium forums", so please let's stop this thread. And this is valid for the others people too, please do not post anything anymore here otherwise this discussion will stay on the top of the threads list.





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