Red color for night vision conservation

  • For impromptu or short viewing sessions I would like to take my laptop out with me instead of my cumbersome Sky Atlas. In order to effectively use the laptop outside and keep my night vision intact I would like to have a Red/Night viewing color option.

    Otherwise this is an amazing app. Kudos to everyone who contributed and is contributing at present.

    • Furry

      Current CVS has a night mode for the interface and these is current (successful) work on a charting mode as well to replace that cumbersome sky atlas.

      Tony F.

    • There was an old posting before which adressed that problem. Just replace the 2 lines in the gui section in config.ini with the following:
      gui_base_color = 0.6,0.1,0.1
      gui_text_color = 0.6,0.2,0.2

      But don't forget to make a backup first :-)

      Hth, Lothar

    • well, just get a piece of red cellophane and wrap around ur lappy screen might just work.



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