Pointing direction

  • On startup Stellatium always points south. I would like it to set it up pointing north.

    The config.ini has a three-element line that seems to be the clue:

    init_view_pos = 1,0.00001,0.45

    I've play with the figures and found that the first seems to affect pointing direction but I can only get it to point east at best no matter what intergers I put in. The third figure is pointing altiude and works fine (eg 45% up). The central figure, I have no idea.

    Anyone know how I can tweak the figures to point north?


    • Johan Meuris
      Johan Meuris

      If I change the first one to a negative number, it points north. A zero makes it look straight up, a positive number: south. The middle number seems to control east or westward viewing.

      • These 3 values simply constitute a vector with 3 coordinates x,y,z, with z beeing the vertical coordinate.




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