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add comets and asteroids

  • alanslive

    Hello all, I have little use stellarium, but I am fascinated with the program,
    and now I'm adding some comets and asteroids, I have some doubts

    (hola a todos, tengo poco usando stellarium, pero estoy fascinado con el
    programa, y ahora que estoy agregando algunos cometas y asteroides, tengo unas

    Adding with the "solar system editor" plug-in, the asteroid 2010 TK7 give me
    these values
    (agregando con el plug-in "solar system editor" el asteroide 2010 TK7, me dio
    estos valores)

    parent = Sun
    orbit_Inclination = 20.8798
    coord_func = comet_orbit
    orbit_Eccentricity = 0.190818
    orbit_ArgOfPericenter = 45.846
    absolute_magnitude = 20.8
    name = 2010 TK7
    orbit_Epoch = 2455800.5
    slope_parameter = 0.15
    lighting = false
    tex_map = nomap.png
    color = 1.0, 1.0, 1.0
    orbit_AscendingNode = 96.5391
    orbit_MeanMotion = 0.9850654
    orbit_MeanAnomaly = 217.3295
    orbit_SemiMajorAxis = 1.000367
    albedo = 0.15
    radius = 1
    type = asteroid

    and from NASA's website, http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi#top, get these values
    (y por el sitio de la nasa)

    orbit_Eccentricity = 0.1908181398221711
    orbit_SemiMajorAxis = 1.000366997416351
    orbit_Inclination =20.87989495621605
    orbit_AscendingNode = 96.53927733748135
    orbit_ArgOfPericenter = 45.84600455309979
    orbit_MeanAnomaly = 217.3293497813494

    only i put the values that have diference between them, and another thing, the
    plug-in don't give me the orbit_visualization_period that is 365.4579892804578
    (solo puse los valores que tienen diferencia entre ellos, y otra cosa, el
    plug-in no me dio el orbit_visualization_period que es igual a

    My questions are, the more numbers of each value, the more accurate the
    calculation of its orbit?
    (mis preguntas son, mientras mas numeros tenga cada valor, sera mas exacta el
    calculo de su orbita?)

    I can change the image to display, modifying "tex_map" in ssystem.ini for a
    more exact picture? (like ISS 3D model)
    (puedo cambiar la imagen a mostra, modificando "tex_map" en ssystem.ini para
    una imagen mas exacta? "como un modelo 3D de estacion espacial internacional

    The apparent diameter, where I get it and how entry into each celestial body?
    (toutatis, give me + and, i don't think that is your size)
    (El diametro aparente, donde lo consigo y como lo meto a cada cuerpo
    celestial? "toutatis me da + y no creo que ese sea su tamaño")

    There will be any way to get all the satellites (like messenger in mercury),
    or would have to put them one by one?
    (hay alguna forma de tener todos los satelites (como el messenger en
    mercurio), o se tienen que meter uno por uno?)

    first of all, thanks for the attention, my English is really bad, I try to use
    translators at a minimum, I hope that you understand correctly, I hope not
    have more questions, and hopefully you can help me
    (primero que nada, gracias por la atencion, mi ingles es sumamente malo,
    intento usar los traductores al minimo, espero y ustedes me entiendan
    correctamente, no tener mas dudas y ojala y ustedes me puedan ayudar)

    PD Will be in Spanish, if offered
    PD estara tambien en español por si se ofrece

    uh, uh, uh, stellarium version 0.11



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