NGC objects / other catalogs / printing

  • Is there any likelihood of NGC objects or other star catalogs appearing in Stellarium at some point?

    If Stellarium is supposed to show what is visible to the naked eye/binocular user some of these need to be included . For example the double cluster in Perseus (NGCs 884 and 869) are a great/easy binocular object but don't appear in the program.

    This is probably a tall order too but is printing charts ever likely to be part of the Stellarium roadmap?

    • Furry

      NGC and IC Nebula are almost ready to be implemented in the current CVS (without images).

      Charting is something we are looking at - this is being worked on but we are working towards a cleaner implementation - this perhaps will be as an add-on.

      • I am really looking forward to having some NGC items in this program. Keep it up!

    • Thanks Tony, I'm looking forward to that!



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