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More Objects

  • Hey all, I love this software, I think it's the best planatarium software yet. But my only problem is that there isn't enough objects. It doesn't have all of the messiers, and it doesn't have any ngc's. This makes it so that I cannot fully utilize its ability. I suggest that a larger database be added. I know its only ver .7, so its just in the testing stages, but having more objects would be greatly appreciated. It is very long and tedious to add new objects in one by one.

    Kenneth Anderson

    • Hey, Just wanted to say that I got the fps up by cutting the pixel size of all of the deep sky objects in half. Thanks again!

    • barrykgerdes


      The next version should have the ngc's and IC's. May be out soon. If you have a look at my web site www.geocities.com/wendygblyde you will find a file with all the Messiers and some ngc's plus the necessary messier.fab to suit. If you are running Windows there will be no problems but if you are running Linux some of the file names may need to be changed in the letter case as Linux is case concious.


    • Thanks alot! I can't wait to start really using it now. Thank you for making such great software open-source and free.

      Kenneth Anderson

    • I'm having a problem after I've extracted everything. It loads fine, but when It's done, fps drops to .02 and I can't do anything. Is this a bug or something?

      Kenneth Anderson

    • barrykgerdes

      How much memory do you have. The program needs at least 256 MB on windows and 512 MB in Linux. If you run out of memory the swap file on the HDD will slow things to a crawl.


    • Hi!
      If you want to see more objects, do you know Celestia? It's a freeware astronomic simulator. I think it's more adapted to see nebulae and galaxies. I just discover Stellarium now and i'll try it tonight. What i see on the site tell me that it looks complementary with Celestia.

      ps: excuse my English, i'm a french guy...

    • hehe, I only have 160 megs of ram. I'll have to wait to get more I guess...

      as for celestia, I have heard of it, but I like this one because it is very realistic and has a casual interface, plus zooming in on objects to see them as a picture.

      Thanks everyone,
      Kenneth Anderson

    • Oh, I thought celestia was a planatarium program, but it is a space exploration program. Like it alot, realistic views of lots of objects! Hopefully the newer version of Stellarium will take up less resources.




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