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stellarium and celetron nextstar 4+

  • i have a problem of allignment between stellarium & nextstar.
    I setting the same time and location parameter for handcontrol of cg5 adv and
    I do the normal telescope 2 star + 4 star calibration allignment with
    nextstar. after do this my handcontrol does work....every object that i search
    with my handcontrol .....i find in my ocular regularly.
    When i try to search an object with stellarium...the software goes near the
    star but i don't see the object in my ocular.
    Also if i search the same object with nextstar i see the telescope pointer on
    stellarium screen near the object but not on it.
    why this????? anyone can help me???????
    thank you!!!!

    ...after do the telescope allignemt setting the same time and location for
    stellarium and nextstar software, using the cg5 handcontrol i no have
    problem...... every object that i serch with handcontrol the telescope find it
    and appears in my ocular......but if i search the same ob

  • Bogdan Marinov
    Bogdan Marinov

    In Stellarium's telescope connection properties window, what do you have
    selected under "Coordinate system"? J2000 or "equinox of the date" (JNow)? For
    a newer Celestron telescope, you need the second one (JNow), as a change
    to the Celestron firmware changed the way the telescope interprets the
    coordinates sent by Stellarium.


    • Anonymous

      Concerning telescope control via SynScan-Handcontrol (HC, e.g. HEQ5 mount) Stellarium coordinates (J2000) are interpreted correct, converted to JNow by the HC.
      Thus the coordinates returned from HC to Stellarium are JNow, therefore Mount-Indication gets an offset, as Stellarium expects J2000-coordinates.
      Hope for an update of Stellarium with switch J2000 versus JNow for interpretation of incoming coordinates.



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