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  • Jerry

    First, I appreciate your excellent tool Stellarium.
    But I CANNOT create a new topic on the forum.
    How to solve this problem.

    My topic is about this:
    How to see the earth from a geostationary satellite?

    I am a new user of Stellarium. and i have used WorldWind for a very long
    time. So I want to see the earth like in the worldwind. Like a telescope on
    a satellite, and can the see earth's real surface image not the landscape,
    like on the other planet or moon of Stellarium.

    I tried to solve it and find some related information, like "See earth from
    the space",,
    and Barry said "if you wanna see the earth from the space or somewhere, you
    need to created a new object in the "SSystem.ini"(Solar System)".

    Then i studied the "Solar System Objects", And i found
    "After version 0.10.3, Stellarium comes with the Satellites plugin which
    shows the positions of a number of artificial objects in Earth orbit,
    including the International Space Station."

    So i wander if i can still edit the "SSystem.ini" to achieve my purpose,
    and how to do it. For example, like on a geostationary satellite.

    Thanks for you work again!

    Best regards.

  • barrykgerdes

    Hi Jerry
    You need to join the forum and then log in. This is what you appear to have done.
    You have just created a new topic called "create a new topic on stellarium"

    The satellite program is a special plug in that can plot the position of artificial satellites that don't have an entry in the ssystem.ini file. This means that you can't "fly" to them in the same way that you can "fly" to an object listed in the ssystem.ini file.

    You can fly to any of the ssystem.ini objects and look back at the earth or moon or any other solar system object however you can only see 3D representation of that object as stored in the textures folder not a real time image like you would see in google earth or similar.

    To see the planets as they revolve around the sun we created a fictitious geostatic satellite and called it Solar System Observer. It's details you will find in the Solar System Observer entry in the SSystem.ini file. You can create a similar artificial satellite anywhere you want and fly to it. but as I said you will only see the objects as the pictures we have stored.

    I don't know the worldwind program do you mean the microsoft program I think it is called worldwide




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