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solar system as seen from a given planet

  • Mihai

    Great program guys,

    I use it very often and it's very very helpful,
    especially for beginners

    I have a question about setting location on...Jupiter for example

    I would like to do these calculations myself, or get some scripts from
    especially to find when, in this case, planets are crossing Jupiter's equator

    How Stellarium does it?

    Right now I use in my work swiss ephemeris dll,
    and it's quite useful for astronomical work

    I would like to calculate planets' positions in Jupiter-centric view if I may
    say it like this,
    or any other planet-centric view

    but at least I want to be able to know when planets' equators are crossed by
    other planets

    anyone can point me in the right direction?

  • qam1

    If you need to know when the planets cross the equator see my equinox and
    solstice finder scripts


    Just edit the equinox script file and switch the planet you are on from Mars
    to Jupiter and switch the sun to the planet you want to know when it crosses
    the equator and it will find the dates for you.

    It doesn't calculate when the equinoxes happen per say, it runs Stellarium at
    accelerated rates and records when the sun or planet crosses the equator.

    See my Ephemeris page

    For planet's greatest elongations and oppositions from Jupiter and others

    Though I haven't made scripts for them except Earth & Mars from Jupiter and
    Earth & Venus from Mars [http://www.lowerwolfjaw.com/astro/Stellarium/efo.htm]


  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much qam1 !!!
    Very helpful!



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