Jupiter Longitudes / Rotation rate change???

  • qam1

    In the new version 0.12.1 and since 0.12.0 Jupiter's longitude and/or rotational rate has changed from previous versions (0.11.3 + 0.11.4).

    For example, in the Earth from other Bodies script. To view Earth's best view from Jupiter of the 21st century on 07/15/2058 the script goes to Jupiter's longitude 73W. This worked in the previous versions but now in the newer 0.12 versions at this longitude the Earth is well below the horizon. In the newer 0.12 versions, the script has to be set at 134E for the Earth to be in the same place.

    My other scripts that take place on Jupiter experience similar shifts. I can't tell if Stellarium shifted longitudes on Jupiter and/or the rotational rate has changed that longitudes don't point in the same direction at a given time as they did in the previous versions.

    I see no changes of any of the other planets.

    So was this change deliberate? That is, was Jupiter wrong in the previous versions but is now right? Or was Jupiter right in the previous versions and the shift was inadvertently done and is a bug in the newer version?

    I am asking because before I change all my scripts I want to be sure it's not a bug and it ends up being changed back.

    Side Note: The Earth from other Bodies script is unrunnable because of the change from advancing 1 day (24 Hours) no matter what planet you are on to advancing 1 solar day of the planet you are on. I am working to update it.

  • Alexander Wolf
    Alexander Wolf

    Since 0.12.0 Stellarium trying prediction of longitude for GRS and GRS now has drift. Current implementation is not very accurate and in the future versions it will be improved.



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