• I found the Stallarium program via the Yahoo groups. What a brilliant planetarium show.

    I liked the landscape feature (amonst other features) and as I had created a 360 deg. panorama from the roof of my house to be used in my copy of TheSky6 from Bisque I set out to convert it to a form suitable for stellarium.

    This took me most of my spare time over the Xmas period but with the use of Photoshop I managed to cut the panorama into 10 square pictures that make a great display that has been correctly orientated to my site. I could not make a decent ground so I just made a dark grey picture.

    Beaumont Hills Observatory
    Sirius 2.3 metre fibre glass Dome
    S 33' 41' 43.69" E 150' 56' 32.56"
    LX200GPS 12" F10 Permanent Polar mounted
    Home page



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