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Centering objects in scripts

  • G'Day All

    Is there a straight fowrard way to centre objects in a script after you have selected them? In the example below (an occulation of the Pleiades that will be seen from Asutralia and New Zealand) I want to firts how the location of the moon above the local horzion, then zooom in to display the occulataion. I have used a rather clumsy zoom auto/zoom fov/zoom auto constraction. Can anyone tell me if there is a better way?


    Occultation of the Pleiades, Adelaide, 22-23 Sept 2005

    Copy to Stellarium/data/scripts

    press M to activate text mode, scroll down to scripts

    use arrow key to select script

    clear state natural

    set to your local latitude, occultation visible

    Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia etc.

    moveto lat -34.92 lon 138.58 duration 1

    Set to appropriate local time as per skywatch page

    date local 2005:09:22T23:21:24
    select planet Moon pointer off
    flag star_names on
    flag moon_scaled off
    flag cardinal_points on
    zoom auto in
    wait duration 1

    Shows you what your local horizon will look like

    zoom fov 60
    wait duration 10

    Now look at the Moon close up

    zoom auto in
    wait duration 2
    set max_mag_star_name 4.0
    timerate rate 200
    wait duration 70
    timerate rate 1
    zoom fov 60
    set max_mag_star_name 1.5
    wait duration 5

    Tidy up

    clear state natural
    date load current
    flag star_names on
    flag cardinal_points on
    flag moon_scaled on
    script action end

    • Ian

      Rob Spearman wrote
      "Try: flag track_object on"

      Worked beautifully, you can download the modified script here

      Any idea how to spceify a cardinal point from a script. There is a line in the ini file that sets the direction you are looking in (south inn my case), is tghere a script comand that will let you set your veiwing direct to west, east etc?

      Another interesting thing is that selected, zoomed in objects flicker occasionally. This has been reporterd on more the one computer, any idea why this occures?

      Cheers! Ian

    • Rob Spearman
      Rob Spearman


      flag track_object on



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