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    In using Stellarium v0.13, I have noted some possible improvements.

    Here is my list :
    - most DSO and specially galaxies are represented as drawed ellipses instead of their real telescopic aspect as an ellptic and fuzzy blop
    - well-known dark nebula (like NGC7000) are not available as picture
    - some pictures are outdated or not in high resolution
    - atlas should be included as lists (all list of Messier, NGC, IC per number)
    - the aspect of saturn ring in a small telescope or at low power is not correct (too small, almost invisible while it is even in a 50 mm refractor).
    - the aspect of Jupiter in binoculars is not correct (7x50 or 15x70 binoculars show the satellites while in practice it is impossible)
    - the moon surface is not displayed in high resolution at the eyepiece and remain fuzzy. It 'd be intreesting to use a HD image or the Clementine HD images ?
    - the magnitude of satellites is not available
    - meteors trails remain on screen and are not evanescent and are not erased (say max after 1 minute)
    - the star scintillation and look seems too artificial and not slow enough even set to 0.2 or 0.3. Even reducing the absolute brightness, relative brighhtness and dynamic aspect does not much help
    - Aspect of globular and open clusters depends on star brightness settings and often look artificial, not conform to the telescopic view where stars remain pinpoints
    - Some double stars does not appear in their real color like Albiero that remain white while it is of K3 type (orange) and show an huge globe.

    Hope this helps.



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