Ocular problem

  • Colin Miles
    Colin Miles

    I downloaded 0.11.3 recently in the hope that it would solve the problem with
    your ocular, but it didn't.

    If the Ocular is selected then you do ALT+O for the menu, it is selected in
    flashing mode such that if you move the mouse to the area where it is - by
    guesswork - each of the menu items become visible in flashing mode. And with a
    little bit of luck you can select the change that you want.

    It used to be ok, but something changed, either on my computer system or
    within Stellarium itself - my configuration. This is on an XP home computer
    which is up-to-date with Windows, AVG, etc., etc. It works fine on my netbook
    with Windows 7 Starter and Stellarium 0.11.1 - just upgraded to 0.11.3 and
    still ok.

    Timothy Reeve suggested that it was a video-driver problem. Anyone any

  • Bogdan Marinov
    Bogdan Marinov

    Is there any reason you are not using the "on-screen control panel"? It can be
    enabled by ticking that option in the configuration window of the Oculars

    You can also try using Stellarium in window mode (F11 toggles between window
    and full-screen mode).



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