Nova Delphini has been updated in Stellarium Data base?


  • Anonymous

    Is there a way to add it? It's just like another star. Perhaps there should be a file of user-added objects.


  • Anonymous

    Ok, I have modified the Supernova file to temporarily include the Nova. It has an SN designation in front of it, but.. whatever.
    After the 6th line, copy this exactly, or the whole program will abend:
    "Nova Delphini 2013":
    "type": "Ia",
    "maxMagnitude": +5.5,
    "peakJD": 2456520,
    "alpha": "20h23m30.73s",
    "delta": "+20d46m04.10s",
    "distance": 8.2

    It's not really a Type Ia, I put its current magnitude, but it did peak around 4.7 on that Julian Date. I left the distance what it was for the next (real) supernova. I don't know that anyone knows yet just how far this nova is.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks, if I understand this, on Windows, v0.12 it's needed to add your definition to c:\Users{USER}\AppData\Roaming\Stellarium\modules\Supernovae\supernove.json file... seems I succeeded. It took me some time to find the right place. So it seems that no other config file should be changed.

  • Alexander Wolf
    Alexander Wolf

    I think you can install latest 0.12.3dev and use new Bright Novae plugin.



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