Disappearing Arcturus?

  • qam1

    On my computer at least, way, way in the future the star Arcturus disappears
    when zoomed in on (FOV <16). It starts happening after the year 37000 but only
    on somedays and then further in the future it happens all the time,

    One date in particular, March 24th 60011 17:38UTC when there's a Mars
    occultation of Arcturus (Yes Really) it is ruined because Arcturus disappears
    and Mars just occults a blank space.

    Before I put it in the bug reports, I was wondering if anyone else can confirm
    this or is just my computer? The computer I use for Stellarium does have some
    video issues.

    Alpha Centauri/Rigel Kent does the same thing but every other star things stay

  • Kajaji

    Hello qam1
    I tested on my computer. Same behavior, as you described. Stellarium 0.10.5

  • qam1

    Thanks for checking it out for me, I will put it in the bug reports

    Though I do have to wonder how accurate Stellarium is that far in the future.
    Arcturus' proper motion is sending it towards the ecliptic so conjunctions and
    occulations with Arcturus will become commonplace tens of thousands years from
    now. But Is there really a Mars occultation of Arcturus on March 24th 60011 or
    does it exist only in the program?

    There is one error I do see, Alpha Centauri 2 (A2 Cen) separates from Alpha
    Centauri 1 (Rigil Ken) and they become about 4 degrees apart. As far as I know
    they orbit each other and unless something crazy happens they shouldn't be
    that far apart. (I can't see what's happening with A2 Cen, for some reason
    Stellarium won't let me select it)


  • Anonymous

    Yes I get Alpha Centauri A and B separating from each other too.

  • barrykgerdes

    The movement of the stars far into the future or past is hypothetical. It is based on 2D information on star movements as listed in the Hipparcos catalogues. It thus does not show true 3D movements of orbiting objects. It cannot be truly called a bug because it is a problem of data that is available, not the way Stellarium uses it.

    Further the actual movement as measured over a relatively short period does not have the precision required for long term movement predictions.

    The accuracy of solar system objects is defined in the user manual Appendix B




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