Graphics glitch.


  • Anonymous

    Dear All,

    I would firstly like to thank the makers of this delightful software for all of you hard work; this really is a wonderful tool; one of the joys of modern computing mixed with the passion and human endeavor; Thank you.

    I have noticed a slight graphic glitch in my recent installation: I am running Windows 7 64 bit and stellarium 12.4; when the mouse is hovering over the bottom toolbar, the projected graphics other than all the stars start to flicker on and off. I have never noticed this before in previous releases, though my last install was quite a while back perhaps 11.n

    Wonderful Job.

    Kind regards.

  • iain

    Hello there,

    Having now registered here I have just noticed the second Bugs forum; so I will post this over there. Rude of me to express my appreciation whilst complaining, all at once.

    So Thanks again!



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