Rosetta Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet chaser

  • Kird

    The orbital elements are available on NASA's HORIZONS Web-interface: (click 'Generate Ephemeris')

    I'll have to investigate which values to use in ssystem.ini before I can help you further, or maybe one of the developers can help.

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  • LucMorizur

    Hey, many thanks Kird :-) !

    Well, actually my question is really stupid nowadays: the position of Rosetta is now too close to 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (see ), it has no sense to look for any other position than the comet's. Maybe it would have been nice to have that, when the spacecraft was not too far away from Earth, between... 2004 and 2011!

    What's more, Rosetta's position is not elliptic, thus I don't know if it wouldn't be a pain for Stellarium to calculate it.

    Anyway, many thanks Kird for your answer!

    Sorry for my stupid question :-/ !


  • Bogdan Marinov
    Bogdan Marinov

    Stellarium does support comets (and any other objects) in heliocentric hyperbolic trajectories.

    There is an on-line parser that converts the output from JPL's HORIZONS system to the format used in Stellarium's ssystem.ini file:

    Just note that because of the Solar System Editor plug-in, you need to edit the copy of ssystem.ini in the user data directory, not Stellarium's installation directory.

    Please also note that Stellarium uses idealised orbits - it doesn't take into effect spacecraft course correction maneuvres or the gravitational pertuberations of the planets. So the osculating orbital elements generated by HORIZONS are only good around the date for which they were generated.



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