congratulations / suggestions

  • hi there! bonjour!

    bravo , congratulations, for this wonderful piece of software!

    i am tripping a lot with it and here are a few suggestions that arise of my experimentations :

    • could there be a "slow" zooming mode? maybe with ctrl+pgup? (i would personnally prefer having the slow mode as a default, and the "fast" mode on the modifier but whatever)

    • could there be a button to "bring back time to "now". " or a keyboard shortcut? you have to go through the options for this i think?

    • for really amazing ascii art logos, give a try to this "figlet" gpl program! ;))

    thanx to all and toutes mes flicitations nouveau pour ce fantastique logiciel!

    long live to stellarium! =)


    • how stupid from me!! i didn't even saw it?!

      thanx for your replies!

    • Rob Spearman
      Rob Spearman

      To bring time back to the current time, hit the '8' key. I think that will work OK on a French keyboard.

    • looks like it doesn't.... :/

      • Rob Spearman
        Rob Spearman

        You should also be able to click the N icon at the bottom corner of the screen to return to the current time.



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