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External Application Control

  • We are busy implementing a solution, where a user would click on certain buttons within an external application (e.g. a map of the world), and then wish stellarium to play a recorded script. I know its possible to record and load scripts within stellarium, but would it be possible for stellarium to automatically play a certain script when it is modified or written to the stellarium script folder? We could then write the script we wish to play into the stellarium directory, which would then play the script. This would solve the problem. Any ideas or help would be helpful.

    • In the data/scripts/ directory, there's a script file named startup.sts, which is played when the program starts, so you just have to write the script to startup.sts. That could be a solution. Or is Stellarium already running in your situation?


    • Hi Johan...

      Thanks for the reply. Stellarium and our external app are running at the same time, so I don't think your solution would work. Any other ideas?

      Cape Town

      • Rob Spearman
        Rob Spearman

        This capability would require some coding.

        Email me for options: rob at digitaliseducation.com



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